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  Supply of Fingerprint Scanner with the Korean Government's National Electral System
2012-01-20 15167
NITGEN, the South Korean Biometrics Technology Development Corporation is pleased to announce that one of their Flagship Scanning Products has been authorized for use within the Korean Governments National Electoral System.

Initially, the Scanner has been selected to record Voter Registration details for the Democratic Party members for elections scheduled to be held on January 15th 2012 and approximately 800,000 registrations had already taken place at the time of this release.

South Korean politicians are proud to be seen as leading the way in the Democratic process with the introduction of 21st Century Technology said the NITGEN CEO (Mr Heo, Sang Hee).
Until now, most Voters have been using Touch Screen systems and Mobile Phones but the use of the NITGEN Authentication Scanners will ensure that only officially registered people can vote – ensuring complete fairness and transparency.

NITGEN says that this procedure will also shorten polling process time, and has been a more efficient and accurate way of dealing with results.

NITGEN had a similar experience in July, 2011 with the National Ruling Party Convention.

NITGEN expects General Election and Presidential Election committees will adopt a similar voting system, then NITGEN fingerprint devices will be used again and this could lead to the adoption of NITGEN Technology on a Global basis in other Democracies as accurate, proven & trustworthy technology.
Newsletter republished!! 2012-01-16
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